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Pit Talk is an information blog for the racer, by the racers. We want to create a store of information that can be useful to racers of all abilities. The blog can be populated with articles like reviews, set up guides, racer interviews, hobby articles, etc. We would also like it to be more formal than general group discussions where there articles formatted so that other racers will enjoy and even refernce back to for beginners.

006If you think you have what it takes to write something that others will enjoy please contact us via the contact page. The article will need to be around 600 words, if you have images to accompany it that would be great but not essential. It can be anything from a review of your speed controller to a guide to how to build a chassis. As reward for your article we can offer an advertising space in the middle of your article for you to paste your own adsense code. This way you will earn money for how successful your article is. Alternative to that we can offer some free track time during a club race meeting. All articles will be checked by our site editor and race specialists before publishing, but please don't let this put you off as they are far more likely to offer suggestions than reject your article. We know there are a lot experienced racers out there that have a lot of knowledge to share, we can't wait to receive your first article.


Traction 2016 - Round 4 Race Report

t16 r4 011

Sunday saw the final round of the Traction 2016 race series at Swifts Raceway in Sheffield. After 3 exciting rounds the finale was surely going to be one to remember. With the F1 title already decided all eyes were on the GT10, GT12 and LMP titles. Deacon was the clear favourite for the GT10 title although he was missing! With Mark Christopher also missing the closest challenger was Michelle Snowden. Craig Nutting was the favourite for both the GT12 and LMP classes. His consistency had really paid off even though he still hadn't been able to steal a victory. Everything was set for another great days racing.

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Traction 2016 - Round 3 Race Report

t16 r3 001a

Round 3 of the Traction series was expected to be a lot more tense than previous rounds with drivers starting to work out what positions they needed to keep their championship hopes alive. However, this didn’t seem to be the case. In usual fashion there was a very relax atmosphere in the pits as the days racing started to unfold. The track was very fast and flowing, it required a lot of aggression to stay competitive.

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Traction 2016 - Round 2 Race Report

traction r2 009

With a increased entry list, Traction 2016 was really starting to gain momentum for Round 2. Just like round 1 there was a generally relaxed atmosphere in the pits which encouraged even more friendly banter than usual. In Traction style the track was again fast a flowing to try and suit all the classes. Everything was set for another epic day.

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Traction 2016 - Round 1 Race Report

traction r1 008

Sunday saw the start of the Traction race series at Swifts Raceway. The revamped Autumn Shootout was back to sort the winners from the wannabes. Like last year the championship had attracted some of the UK's top drivers such as National champions Adam Catchpole, Darren Newton and Andy Murray. Also joining the field was newly crowned F1 Clubman champion Luke Lee. Once again the pit lane was full of activity and great banter before the track wars begun.

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Short About Us

Situated in the Killamarsh lesiure centre, the Swifts Raceway model car club wil...l run every other Sunday for club days, has great quality BRCA legal carpet, 7 lengths in all 14x30 total area, with optimal lighting and easy to see professional looking track marking system. All legal additive is allowed, and all classes will be catered for, so come down and join in, in some beginner to pro level RC racing at one of the best indoor venues in the midlands.