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#HW30401020049 - XERUN - 1/10 Sensored BL Motor V10 - 21.5T

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HW30401020049 - XERUN - 1/10 Sensored BL Motor V10 - 21.5T

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XERUN - 1/10 Sensored BL Motor V10 - 21.5T

Introducing the Xerun V10 brushless modified and stock motors. They are build around a black anodised all-aluminium can with large venting holes at the front and smaller openings in the rear. The motors are designed to meet current BRCA, EFRA and IFMAR rules, feature standard-size high quality ball bearings, adjustable timing, and highly temperature-resistant copper windings. An integrated sensor monitors the internal temperature when coupled to respective Hobbywing speed controller. The V10 are available as 3.5T to 6.5T as well as 8.5T modified motors and they also come as 10.5T to 21.5T stock racing variants.

-Compliant with ROAR, IFMAR and BRCA rules
-Mechanical adjustable timing
-200? high temperature high purity copper windings maximizes conductivity and reliability
-Super low resistance multi-layers outlet PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
-Removable / replaceable rotor
-High RPM precision bearings
-Powerful high temperature sintered NdFeb (Neodymium) magnets
-High efficiency of energy conversion


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