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The Fast & Furious Challenge - Test Track

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The Fast and the Furious challenge at Swifts Test Track is a fun Christmas event to blend indoor RC racing with F&F street racing. The event will be made up of 3 smaller sub events, Fastest lap challenge, Police Pursuit and Race Wars. You are welcome to enter any indoor on road car provided that it is running club legal tyres and has a motor which is 10.5 turns and above (slower, 13.5, etc).

For the Race War final there will be handicap advantages available for drivers that are classed as beginners (by the Swifts officials). There is also a starting advantage available for anyone who modifies their car with F&F styling.

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Swift Ball 2017 - Test Track


The SWIFT BALL 600 is a fun summer club event at our Test Track venue starting from Thursday 8 June 2017.

The event will run over 7 club meetings and will allow 3 different classes to race against each other in the same championship. SWIFT BALL is rally where racers aim to beat the event before other competitors. The challenge is simple, complete all the challenge laps within the 7 weeks of the challenge.

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Traction 2016

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In 2015 Swifts Raceway teamed up with C.A.R.S Raceway to create a new championship for GT based classes. The Autumn shootout was created and quickly picked up in popularity. By the last round over 80 competitors were entering the rounds resulting in some spectacular racing.

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BRCA Porsche Cup Preview

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On the 15th of May 2016 the world of RC will show the masters GT racing just how exciting a full throttle GT12 competition can be. Porsche Motorsport stand dominant at the top of the all-time LeMans endurance race winners with 17 race wins to their name. The BRCA hosting a GT12 competition to show the performance car marque what happens when you reduce the cars to a 12th of the size.

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Tin Top Masters - RMCC

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Tin Top Masters is indoor GT12 championship with F1 and Mini support classes, based at the Renishaw Model Car Club. The championship is a fun tribute to the British Touring Car Championship and includes some of it's unique rules.

All rounds will be run at the Renishaw Model Car Club, available classes are GT12, Formula 1 and Tamiya Mini. The championship will run from March to May over 10 point scoring rounds.

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Short About Us

Situated in the Killamarsh lesiure centre, the Swifts Raceway model car club wil...l run every other Sunday for club days, has great quality BRCA legal carpet, 7 lengths in all 14x30 total area, with optimal lighting and easy to see professional looking track marking system. All legal additive is allowed, and all classes will be catered for, so come down and join in, in some beginner to pro level RC racing at one of the best indoor venues in the midlands.