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BRCA Porsche Cup Preview

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On Sunday 15th of May 2016 the world of RC will show the masters GT racing just how exciting a full throttle GT12 competition can be. Porsche Motorsport stand dominant as the top of the all-time LeMans endurance race winners with 17 race wins to their name. The BRCA are hosting a GT12 competition to show the performance car marque what happens when you reduce the cars to a 12th of the size. The event is open to racers of all abilities with chances for all drivers to win some of the top prizes provided by the sponsors. Some of the best GT12 racers in the country have already signed up to fight over this exclusive title, it’s going to be a very special event.

kamtec3The race will follow the trusted BRCA rule set with extra additions for the physical look of cars. All the field will run the very impressive new Porsche body shell from Kamtec. They will also need to ensure that the finer details of the body decals are kept to a good standard so all the cars look as realistic as possible.


In addition to this page we also have an official entry list page for anyone wanting to publish their team and sponsors.

BRCA Porsche Cup Published Entry List

We also have a preview gallery for drivers wanting to show off detailed views of their car liveries.

BRCA Porsche Cup Team Gallery


Event Format

Saturday - Practice Night

On Saturday night there will be a structured practice session on the track. This is expected to be like a normal club meeting of 4 rounds of FTQ.kamtec4

Sunday - Race Day

Qualifying – 3 Rounds of FTD

Finals – 3 finals (2 to count)  

Final 1 – Standard grid from FTD times  

Final 2 – Grid built from Final 1 finishing order  

Final 3 – Reversed gird built Final 2 finishing order


Everything will be to play for at with this action packed format. The day will also include some other competitions for driver and members of the public. So whether you’re and beginner to the hobby, season champion or even just a spectator, this is definitely the RC event you don’t want to miss!

For more information and to book into the event please visit: 

Short About Us

Situated in the Killamarsh lesiure centre, the Swifts Raceway model car club wil...l run every other Sunday for club days, has great quality BRCA legal carpet, 7 lengths in all 14x30 total area, with optimal lighting and easy to see professional looking track marking system. All legal additive is allowed, and all classes will be catered for, so come down and join in, in some beginner to pro level RC racing at one of the best indoor venues in the midlands.