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Tin Tip Master 2016 - RMCC

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About the Championship

Tin Top Masters is indoor GT12 championship with F1 and Mini support classes, based at the Renishaw Model Car Club. The championship is a fun tribute to the British Touring Car Championship and includes some of it's unique rules.

All rounds will be run at the Renishaw Model Car Club, available classes are GT12, Formula 1 and Tamiya Mini. The championship will run from March to May over 10 point scoring rounds.

BTCC features to this championship include:

  • Two rounds per meeting - Each meeting will include 2 finals, Championship points are available from both finals
  • Points for only top 10 finishers - Points based on BTCC championship and only awarded to the top 10 finishers
  • Fastest lap qualifying - The grid positions for the first leg of finals will be determined by the fastest single lap
  • Success handicaps - Success handicaps will be applied to the following racers
    • Final Leg 1 - Championship leader will start from the back of the final they qualify for, Championship runner up will also start from the back but a position ahead of the championship leader.
    • Final Leg 2 - Reversed grid so no handicap needed.  


Tuesday 29 March 2016


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Tuesday 12 April 2016


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Tuesday 26 April 2016


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Tuesday 03 May 2016


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ROUND 9&10
Tuesday 17 May 2016


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Renishaw Model Car Club

Renishaw Comunity Centre, Main Road, Renishaw, Sheffield, S21 3UX

For more information about the venue click here

Dates / Times

10 Event championship (2 rounds/finals per event)

Best 6 Rounds to count

Doors open at 6PM, Racing starts at 7PM

Round 1&2                Tuesday 29 March 2016

Round 3&4                Tuesday 12 April 2016

Round 5&6                Tuesday 26 April 2016

Round 7&8                Tuesday 10 May 2016

Round 9&10              Tuesday 24 May 2016


Event Format

Qualifying 1

  • Qualifying heats based on general ability and past club performance.

Qualifying 2

  • Repeat of qualifying 1

Final leg 1

  • Final heats determined on single fastest lap from qualifying rounds.
  • Success handicaps will be applied to championship leader and runner up.
  • Championship points awarded to final finishing positions

Final leg 2

  • Reversed Grid order for Leg 2


Booking in

Price per meeting is just £5

Due to venue limitations each event it limited to 25 drivers

Drivers who need to cancel an event need to give at least 3 day notice or they will be removed from the next round and have to re-enter.

Please submit the following form to enter:

Word Verification:


Round win prize will be a shell sticker

Trophies will be awarded to the overall winners



GT12, Formula 1, Tamiya Mini



Points for top 10 finishers (per round) - same points for both classes

1st - 20

2nd - 16

3rd - 14

4th - 12

5th - 10

6th - 8

7th - 6

8th - 4

9th - 2

10th - 1


Our rules generally follow the class rules set by the BRCA. As this is not an official BRCA race series, the rules will be more relaxed. However, if anyone is found to be pushing the rules to a unfair advantage then the Race Officials will inspect the car before making a decision to the racer.

After completing a heat, every driver must leave their car at race control and head out to marshal.

All racers must be ready to run during the heat before theirs.

Reckless racers who fail to allow lapping cars past or aggressively cause incidents will be forced to take a stop and go penalty or miss their following heat.

Any racers found swearing or using aggressive language towards other racers will be force to miss their following heat or leave the venue.

All racers must bring a pit towel to protect the venues tables.

All batteries are to be charged in a lipo safe charging bag.

All racers must have a valid BRCA license to ensure they have sufficient race insurance.

Special Class Entries

Because this is a club championship, we are going to allow some members special entries into the classes. This is only being allowed in good sprit to making the championship as fun and enjoyable as possible. We feel that turning away regular members who we know would not intentionally attempt to break the rules, not the best way to promote enjoyable racing.

But also in the interest of keeping things as fair as possible, all special entries will be listed will full explanations and strict conditions regarding their allowance to race. Their performance will be constantly monitored and all other class competitors are welcome to appeal any of the entries. This process is only open to regular members of the club who we have full knowledge of their abilities and equipment.



GT12 Rules

Open to all GT12 chassis's that are built to the specifications set by the BRCA. If you have created your own chassis will need to get it approved by race officials.

1 cell (3.7v) electrics only, 13.5 turn brushless motor limit, ESC must be run in Blinky mode with no reverse

Open to all BRCA GT12 approved wheels/tyres. Water based additive only.


Formula 1 Rules

Open to all Formula 1 chassis kits.

Electrics option between:

  • 1 cell (3.7v) electrics, 13.5 turn brushless motor limit, ESC must be run in Blinky mode with no reverse
  • 2 cell (7.4v) electrics, 21.5 turn brushless motor limit, ESC must be run in Blinky mode with no reverse

Open to all rubber Formula 1 tyres (No foam tyres)


Tamiya Mini Rules

For full M Chassis rules click here






Short About Us

Situated in the Killamarsh lesiure centre, the Swifts Raceway model car club wil...l run every other Sunday for club days, has great quality BRCA legal carpet, 7 lengths in all 14x30 total area, with optimal lighting and easy to see professional looking track marking system. All legal additive is allowed, and all classes will be catered for, so come down and join in, in some beginner to pro level RC racing at one of the best indoor venues in the midlands.