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3 Hours of Swifts Test Track

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The 3 Hours of Swifts Test Track is a Tamiya M Chassis Endurance race held at the Swifts Test Track, Sheffield. The race is open to MINI racers of all abilities. Teams will be made up of a minium of two drivers and will have to share the driving evenly. All teams will be issued with a handout motor to use for the event.

If you have any questions regarding the information and rules below please contact us.


Confirmed Teams

  Team Name Drivers Car No Chassis
rubbins racing Team Rubbin's Racing David Underwood
Stephen Baggley
Lewis Barker
#51 M05
bolton racers Bolton Racers Lee Cutting
Russ Brooks
Jordan Wilson
#44 M03
team anonymous1 Team Anonymous Anonymous
#99 M03
team dremel1 Team Dremel Mark Christopher
Lee Stokes
team r racing Team R Racing Mark Rodger
Sam Rodgers
waj racing1 Super WAJ Racing Wayne Harrison
James Shelton



Swifts Test Track , Sheffield
Table and chairs are provided
The track will be a wide flowing layout which will include a pit line

Date & Time

Thursday 12 October 2017
Doors will open at 4:30PM
Race will start 6:30-7PM


Trophies and medals for class winning teams

Booking in / Prices

Entry fee is £25 per team.
To book into the event you will need to complete the following form. You will need to pay the full race fee to gurantee your space on the grid.

Required *



1. Chassis Rules

1.1 - Chassismini rules chassis

Any Tamiya 2WD M-Chassis (M01, M02, M03, etc).
Chassis parts can be replaced and upgraded with aluminium parts but the main tub chassis must remain the original Tamiya plastic part.
All M Chassis wheelbase lengths are legal (Short, medium, long)

Club Officals notes: From research and testing we cannot see enough performance differences between the FWD and RWD versions of the M Chassis range. Therefore, to try and open the race to as many people as possible, all 2WD versions are eligible to enter.
1.2 - Tyresmini rules tyres

Any rubber on road mini tyre can be used provided that it will not damage our carpets. Strictly no mini pin or foam tyres.
1.3 - Motors

This will be a handout standard silver can motor available on the day of the race.
1.4 - Electricsmini rules batteries all

7.2 Ni-cd, 7.2 Ni-mh, 2S 7.4 Lipo packs only. If using a LiPo battery pack then your ESC must have a cutoff function or you will need to run a voltage checker. All LiPo batteries must be protected in a hard casing.
Brushed esc only
Open to all types of servo but only one per car
Open to all Radio equipment
1.5 - Upgrades

All chassis aluminium component upgrades are allowed (motor heatsink, suspension arms, hubs, etc)
Suspension upgrades are allowed (Aluminium shocks, oil filled shocks, anti-roll bars, etc)mini rules upgrades
1.6 - Gearing

All cars must run the standard gearing / spur gear that comes with the kit (37T Spur).
To confirm a stanard gear set is being run, the pinion must be mounted with the correct holes on the chassis.

Club Officals notes: Some drivers may be asked to confirm which pinion they are running during a scrutineering check.

1.7 - Differential

Geared or ball differentials allowed
Strictly no spools
No over greasing

1.8 - Bodyshellsmini rules shellsmini rules shells

All body shells that are designed for M-chassis cars
Strictly no GT12 or touring car body shells

2. Racing standards

Teams will marshal their own team car. Designated areas round the track will be highlighted for marshals to wait in.

Reckless racers who fail to allow lapping cars past or aggressively cause incidents will be forced to change with another member of their team.

Rules for lapping are the same as normal racing where the car with more laps has authority. If a car with less laps is attempting to overtake, the lead car does not need to move off their racing line and can defend in a controlled manor.

Aggressive blocking from the lead car will result in a 10 second stop and go penalty (completed by the offending racer within 5 laps)

Aggressive attacking that leads to a collision by the chasing car will result in a 10 second stop and go penalty (completed by the offending racer within 5 laps)

It is advised that you let any car passed that appears to be lapping faster (even if they are behind you in laps). Endurance racing is more about survival than on-track race battles. There will be a lot of overtaking which can be very costly if it goes wrong.

Any racers found swearing or using aggressive language towards other racers will be forced to leave the rostrum and change with a team mate. If they continue to be aggressive they (and possibly their team) will be asked to leave the event.

3. Pit Stops

Pits stops must be completed off the track surface. Racers must park in the pit lane if they wish to perform a pit stop. A car can only be retrieved from another part of the circuit if it has crashed out and received damage.

Only batteries can be changed next to the pit lane. All other maintenance (repairs, tyre changes, tyre additive application, etc) needs to be completed at the teams pit table.

If you need to check the car for damage or over heating this must be completed via a normal pit stop.

If you change a battery in the car you must also change the driver, this to ensure the racing is shared evenly between drivers. The only exception to this is if and uncharged battery is loaded into the car.

4. Additional Health and Safety

All batteries are to be charged in a lipo safe charging bag and the charging output must not exceed 10amps.

All racers must have a valid BRCA license to ensure they have sufficient race insurance.  

All racers must bring a pit towel to protect the venues tables.

Short About Us

Situated in the Killamarsh lesiure centre, the Swifts Raceway model car club wil...l run every other Sunday for club days, has great quality BRCA legal carpet, 7 lengths in all 14x30 total area, with optimal lighting and easy to see professional looking track marking system. All legal additive is allowed, and all classes will be catered for, so come down and join in, in some beginner to pro level RC racing at one of the best indoor venues in the midlands.