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Club M-Racing Rules

1 - Chassis

  • mini rules chassisAny Tamiya 2WD M-Chassis (M01, M02, M03, etc).
  • Chassis parts can be replaced and upgraded with aluminium parts but the main tub chassis must remain the original Tamiya plastic part.
  • All M Chassis wheelbase lengths are legal (Short, medium, long)

Club Officals notes: From research and testing we cannot see enough performance differences between the FWD and RWD versions of the M Chassis range. Therefore, to try and open the series to as many people as possible all 2WD versions are eligible for championship points.


2 - Tyresmini rules tyres1

  • Shimizu Treaded Tyres for Tamiya
  • Can be any of the 3 componds available; Soft Medium Hard.


3 -Motors

  • mini rules motors1Swifts Certified HPI Saturn 20 Turns Motor Only


A certified motor will have a tagged tapper proof security sticker and be recorded in the swifts motor register.

There are two ways to get a certified motor:

  • Purchase a motor directly from Swifts Raceway.
  • Purchase a motor from another source and allow Swifts to certify it before its used. This option is only valid provided the motor is submitted while its still in its sealed packaging.



4 - Electrics

  • mini rules batteries all7.2 Ni-cd, 7.2 Ni-mh, 2S 7.4 Lipo packs only
  • Brushed esc only
  • Open to all types of servo but only one per car
  • Open to all Radio equipment

Club Officals notes: This was one of the toughest decisions to decide on. It has been agreed to not restrict batteries as most racers will be re-using batteries from other cars and won't want to purchase new ones.


5 - Upgrades

  • mini rules upgradesAll chassis aluminium component upgrades are allowed (motor heatsink, suspension arms, hubs, etc)
  • For drive train upgrades please see other specific rulings
  • Suspension upgrades are allowed (Aluminium shocks, oil filled shocks, anti-roll bars, etc)


6 - Gearing

  • mini rules gearingAll cars must run the standard gearing / spur gear that comes with the kit (37T Spur).
  • To confirm a stanard gear set is being run, the pinion must be mounted with the correct holes on the chassis.

Club Officals notes: Some drivers may be asked to confirm which pinion they are running during a scrutineering check.

7 - Differential

  • Geared or ball differentials allowed
  • Strictly no spools
  • No over greasing
  • No over tightening or adding other materials to lock up the diff

Club Officals notes: We had hoped to enforce a standard diff rule however on researching diff prices it appears that the standard diff could be the most expensive and hardest to find.


8 - Bodyshellsmini rules shells

  • All body shells that are designed for M-chassis cars
  • Strictly no GT12 or touring car body shells

Short About Us

Situated in the Killamarsh lesiure centre, the Swifts Raceway model car club wil...l run every other Sunday for club days, has great quality BRCA legal carpet, 7 lengths in all 14x30 total area, with optimal lighting and easy to see professional looking track marking system. All legal additive is allowed, and all classes will be catered for, so come down and join in, in some beginner to pro level RC racing at one of the best indoor venues in the midlands.